08 May 2014


It’s a little scary--we actually got stuff done yesterday. Not started, not “we’ve done what we can do and now we wait,” but actually finished! Yay!

After calling the doctor’s office several times and getting a busy signal or no answer, Bill tried again this morning. This time there was a live person on the other end who gave him an appointment for noonish today. It was like, “Wait. Wait. Wait. NOW!” So off to the office we went. We sat in the waiting room until it was Bill’s turn and he went into the surgery (examination room) while I went to wait outside. It was getting stuffy in there and there was some crappy music blaring from the radio. I leaned against the stone wall, took the book out of my backpack and read in the fresh air. Bill was only in there for about 10 minutes, but in that time, the sky went from grey, to bright, to black. It was nice and breezy and it misted for a few minutes.

The INR test is done using a machine right in the doctor’s office with the results available immediately. In Maine, he went to the lab at the hospital and the results were sent to the nurse in the doctor’s office, who called him with the results. There are other differences here--Bill got a booklet to keep track of his readings and dosage. He’d been keeping his own in a document on his computer anyway, but this makes it easier to bring in when going for a test, I guess. The doctor also said that the medication is called by different names here and the available dosages are different. This is not something we have to worry about now, since he got all his refills before he left, so has a supply for now.  He was in range, so all was well and now we have some time before the next test is supposed to happen. Glad this one’s done! Yay!

We received the paperwork regarding Bill’s social security info update from the embassy day before yesterday. The guy had filled out practically everything and all Bill had to to was add a few numbers, sign and date. We mailed that back today. Another task completed! Yay!

We stopped at the library and Bill brought his computer along just to see if he could actually use it there --and he could! Yay!

We were stopped on the sidewalk on the way to the post office by a guy we’ve seen around before. He always greets us with a hearty, “How ye?” and I surprised myself by answering “How ye?” back--LOL. He said he’s seen us around and asked where we’re from. He told Bill to keep his hat on because the rain would be coming back any minute. He showed me the shopping bag his sister sent him from America, which had some artwork on it. I said, “Oh Norman Rockwell, is it?” and laughed at myself--many people around here end sentences with, “is it?” like we’d say, “you know?” I think this differs regionally, but around here, it’s “is it?" He was surprised that I knew who the artist was.

It’s election season and large posters with the smiling faces of politicians keep springing up on lamp posts all over the place. At least those with a party affiliation have large photographic posters. The independent guy just has a small poster with text. This time apparently there will be voting for county councils and the European Parliament.

Over the weekend, I listened to stuff on RTE Radio 1 and a few of the shows were funded with the TV license fee. It seems amusing that the TV fee goes to fund radio shows, but it’s OK with me! From what I can tell, they’ve been cracking down on people who do not pay their TV license fee, which can be done at the post office. They even send inspectors around to check on homes where people have not paid the fee to see whether there’s a TV. The previous tenant left his letter behind. The TV inspector is welcome here anytime for a cup of tea and a look around--LOL. I have turned the TV stand that was here sideways and am using it as an end table (or side table as they call it here) next to the couch. It’s covered with doilies.

I haven’t listened to as much radio this week as I have been because some stuff isn’t on and I am not interested in the book they’re doing this week. I did listen to the arts show on Monday night. They were talking about a biennial exhibit in Limerick and it was mentioned a few times that it’s good that it’s in Limerick and not Dublin. I had to laugh--it’s just like the kind of thing we’d hear about Anchorage when we lived in Fairbanks and Portland when we lived in Klamath Falls. Those big cities get everything--LOL

Have a great weekend!

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