05 June 2014

Good Sunny Spells

We are having some "good sunny spells," as they say. Yesterday was a mix of clouds and sun and so far this morning is all sun. Bill is enjoying this. I am actually not finding it to be too bad. Yes, there has been sun and it's warm when we're out in it, but it hasn't been too warm--nice breeze blowing and last night it was a bit chilly, even, with a bit of an edge to the cool air. I love that! I am also pleased that the forecast--at least so far--calls for the rain to return midday tomorrow. I am aware that this may well change between now and then as the weather and the forecast often changes.

We headed out yesterday early afternoon to go to the post office. On the way, we stopped at a charity shop to look for a large bowl. I was given some sourdough starter over the weekend and have been feeding it daily. Large containers are not easy to come by here, so I had it in a bowl that I found in the cabinet when we got here. I needed something larger, though. I didn't really expect to find one in the charity shop, since they usually have mostly clothes and books. I walked out empty-handed, but it was worth checking.

After dropping the mail in the box, we stopped at the library so Bill could have a photocopy made. I had to take a look at the cart of new books and I found one I'd been looking for ever since I heard the author on a podcast a few weeks ago. Then we made our way to Euroworld, where I did find the large bowl I was looking for as well as a baking sheet small enough to fit into my small oven. We decided to walk down Convent Road to see how far we could get before the sidewalk ran out. On the way, we stopped into the other charity shop, where I was delighted to find this book:
After that, we walked along Convent Road, looking at the colors all around in people's yards and watching the sky change. The clouds appear to move quickly across the sky and they are varying shades of grey, from almost black dark greys to fluffy whites. As the clouds move across the sky, the quality of the light changes, too, and makes everything on the ground look different. We got to a spot that had a lot of greenery and I noticed just how many shades of green there were in just those few square feet.
A bit further on, we ran out of sidewalk. This is a pretty well-traveled road, so we decided not to go on. Before we turned back, though, I stopped and spent a minute looking at the field across the street--green fields, stone walls, sheep in the distance, and the clouds in the sky.
On the way back, we decided to take a left into an area of cookie cutter houses. The sidewalk quickly ran out there, too, but as it looked like the road was not used very often, we decided to keep going. I wondered aloud whether the small country lane would lead us back to the road on which we live. It did. We passed a few houses and some cows in fields, went around curves, and passed the sign that said "Beware of Bull." At that point, I was pretty sure I knew where we were and sure enough, after a few more steps, we found ourselves on the sidewalk down the street from our flat.

It was a lovely afternoon. I found a couple of books, got my large bowl, so my sourdough starter has room to grow, and I quite enjoyed walking around looking at the flowers, the animals, the fields, and the ever-changing sky. I was reminded again of how wonderful it is to just slow down and live at a calm and peaceful pace, just observing what is right here, right now.

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