29 June 2014


We left the house after lunch unsure of where we would go on our walk today, but when in doubt, there's always the river walk. It has been interesting to walk along there regularly and see how things change as time passes. Different plants become abundant for a time before others take their place. The river level changes and more plant life grows along the edge and from the bottom. The sky is always different, which means the river looks different each time as the reflections change. It was a pleasant walk starting from the walking lane leading down from Main St.
We meandered down the path, stopping to look at plants, trees, and reflections in the river.

When we got almost back to the spot where we could have climbed the hill back to Main St, we took a detour, climbing up the stone steps built into the wall and then walking up the hill to the track around the green. We had a view of the "mountains" in the distance.
We did a lap around the track, then stopped to watch the sheep in an adjoining field for a few minutes before walking back down the hill and carefully making our way down the stone steps to the path. We walked to the other end of the path, went across the bridge and back out to the noise and traffic of Main St. It was a lovely, mostly quiet 3 3/4 miles. It's always a bit jarring to come back into town after walking along the river--it is pretty amazing that we can be just a little bit down the hill from Main St when we begin our river walks and yet it is so quiet that you'd never know the town was so close. One thing I love about living here in Ballinrobe is that we are close to everything we need in town to make things convenient and to allow us to live without a vehicle. At the same time, we can walk for 5 minutes and be in the peace and quiet of a rural setting listening to the birds, cows, and sheep. When we get home, even when it's warm outside, the flat is always nice and cool. Small pleasures of everyday life for which I am grateful!

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