28 June 2014

Walking off the Stress

It’s been a stressful week. Eircom is trying to rip us off--again--and we’ve been trying to get answers since Wednesday with no luck. We were also trying to figure out the best way to get to Claremorris next week so I can register at the garda station there. We’ve been dealing with a bunch of misinformation around that and even wasted a day going to Galway last week because of it. With everything we’ve experienced, we now work under the assumption that back-up plans are needed for everything, because misinformation or incompetence is likely. On Wednesday I started getting a stress-related headache. By Wednesday night, it was a full blown migraine and in spite of me doing all the usual things to try and get rid of it, it hung around. It would ease up slightly for a time and then come roaring back. I woke up in the middle of last night and again this morning feeling like there was a guy with an ice pick behind my face. It was day 4 of the headache. I’d medicated as much as I could yesterday and was waiting for the time this morning when I could do so again. I took my pills and went to bed with a headband over my eyes. Within an hour, I was grateful to feel the pain go away. I got up and suggested to Bill that we might want to go for a walk while this pain-free window of opportunity was available, because I didn’t know if the pain would come back.

We headed out. First stop was the library, where Bill picked up a couple of DVDs. Then we walked on to Tesco. I really wanted a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch and I wanted some crisps (chips) to go with it. They sell some good tortilla crisps there, so we headed that way. We were walking by the coffee when we noticed they had some more bags of French roast--they lowered the price on the smaller bags, so it was a savings over buying the larger bag as we usually do. Two smaller bags equals one larger, so we bought a couple the other day when we were doing the weekly shop and picked up another couple today. When we got home, we saw that the cashier had accidentally charged us for 3 bags.

I was still feeling good after lunch, so off we went again. I’d noticed a road that went behind Tesco, so I suggested that we take care of the coffee issue and then see where the road leads. There’s no sidewalk, but it didn’t look like it would be a busy road.

They had one more bag of the coffee left, so rather than take money back, I just told the lady at the service desk that I’d take the bag of coffee, so that all worked out well and we have a good stash. This is a very good thing.
We went around to the back and started walking down a road with a few small houses on it. Some little girls were out playing and they greeted us. Then a teenage boy was behind us kicking his soccer ball. He fell into step alongside us and started chatting. “Out walking, are ye? You’re not from here, then?” I told him we’d moved here in April. “Oh, from America, then are ye? What part?” I told him Maine and he was quite sure that the film (pronounced fill-um here) Lake Placid was shot in Maine. Having no clue myself, I just smiled and nodded. Then he turned off into a driveway and told us to enjoy our walk.

Shortly after that we were on a country road surrounded by fields, trees, wildflowers, stone walls, cows, sheep, and horses. We passed some farms and a couple of abandoned buildings. Sadly, instead of the cooler temperatures, grey skies, and rain that was forecast for the weekend earlier in the week, we had sun and warmth. I was thankful for the breeze when it blew.

We passed some cows who seemed to be quite sure that we were bringing their supper. When they saw us coming toward them, they got up and all stood at the gate. It’s the second time this week we’ve had to disappoint a field of cows like that.

We turned off onto another road at one point and it was quite narrow. When two cars were trying to get down the same road in opposite directions, one backed up so the other could go by while we stood off to the side in an open area. We got to another road and started down it to see where it came out, but it too was quite narrow and the cars went speeding down that one. There was no safe place to get out of the way sometimes, so we turned back and retraced our steps to get back into town.

We walked for 6 miles today and it was nice to walk and look at the scenery. I do not feel so stressed anymore and my headache is still gone, for which I am grateful.

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