04 July 2014

How I Cook and Shop in Ireland

I've been writing the Craftivist in the Kitchen blog for a few years now. I started it in Maine to document my experiences when we joined a CSA for the first time and that continued over three CSA seasons. During that time I began my volunteer work at Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program and I wrote about what I learned and did there. Food issues of all kinds have always been an interest of mine and the blog ended up covering a lot of issues and topics, but it remains primarily about empowering people to cook real food simply on a small budget of time and money. It's not a foodie blog in the typical sense of these things--as I say in the blurb at the top of my blog, I am a simple cook. I do not do swirly sauces or fussy presentations. I have nothing against this kind of food culture; it simply isn't my thing. As someone who has experienced the health impacts of eating a lot of processed foods and the resulting improvements when I switched to real food, I know how much good food means to a good quality of life. I am also someone who lives on a small budget and who likes to cook, but doesn't really want to spend hours every single day cooking. The blog talks about how I cook and shop for real food without going broke and without spending all day in the kitchen. It's very practical and there's a page with links to the blog posts with recipes. The blog was started in Maine, but now that we're in Ireland and I am shopping and cooking here, that's naturally become the focus. I've had to make some adjustments in how I do the grocery shopping and the cooking and my ongoing journey with food and cooking is documented there, so if that's an interest, click on the link above and have a look around!

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