31 July 2014

Stucco, I Think

Every town and village we've been to so far (admittedly not a large number, but a few) look pretty similar to Ballinrobe. Oranmore was different on the outskirts, and Galway is bigger, but the variations are mostly in size and layout in each town. Some have more streets than others, but the homes on those streets and the businesses on Main St all seem to be pretty much the same construction and design that doesn't vary much.

As we were walking around one day, we noticed how these buildings are constructed when we passed this place:
Stepping back onto the sidewalk, we can see this ahead:
It would appear that these places are constructed using stone or brick and then covered with stucco. I looked up what stucco is made of and how it's used just to make sure I was not misunderstanding what stucco is, and this does seem to fit the definition, although I am no expert in construction!! The other day while out for a walk, we saw this outer coating being reapplied:
People paint these places all sorts of colors. They are easily repainted and easily pressure washed.

Sometimes, they just let nature take over!
Obviously, these houses are built to last. Even when the roofs are long gone, the houses stand.
Many buildings, abandoned or not, have vegetation growing out of them somewhere, as does the library (which used to be an old church).
Stuff grows everywhere here--out of buildings, through cracks in concrete, in gutters, and pretty much everywhere. The plants have the run of the place. I kind of like that!

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