04 August 2014

Love the Sky!

We left for our walk a little after 10 this morning. The sun was shining and the bright blue sky was dotted with a few fluffy white clouds. Our neighbor was hanging clothes on the line and we stopped to chat with her for a few minutes. I've had many people in many different places tell me that if I don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change. Here that is often true and today was one such day.

We walked outside and decided to skip the main road and go the other way--down our street along a winding country road that comes out on a larger road which leads back to town. The traffic noise faded as we walked toward the end of the sidewalk. A few minutes into our walk, we came across this really hungry cow:
The sound she was making as she ripped up mouthfuls of grass was somewhat loud!

A few steps further down the road and the sky looked like this:
A little further on:
A few minutes later, we each felt a drop of rain and then another. Then it started to sprinkle. Then it rained. I got my hat out of my backpack and enjoyed the fact that I was walking in some nice, cool rain instead of the heat and blazing sun we had a couple of weeks ago.

We got home and the laundry was still on the line, getting soaked. A couple of hours later the sun was out and there was a good breeze blowing, so I expect it will try soon enough--if she gets it inside. It's pretty cloudy and looking like rain again as I type.

I love looking at the sky here. The clouds are amazing and constantly changing.


  1. Beautiful photo, love the cows...:)

    1. She wasn't too interested in us, that's for sure! She looked up at us for a few seconds and then went back to ripping up grass :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely walk. :)

    1. It was lovely! It's always nice to get outside and look at the sky or flowers or something. Right now we're watching the blackberries so we will be ready when it's time to pick them. We passed some the other day that were just starting to ripen, but mostly they just have a hint of color still.