05 August 2014

Searching for Signs of Autumn

We went out after lunch to go to the library. I found the book I went there for and some bonus books that I found on the one shelf on the one library cart devoted to new books. This was a good day. One of the difficult adjustments for me here is finding myself without access to a good library. I had, apparently, gotten quite spoiled.

After that we went to Tesco. We'd gotten a voucher for almost 3 euro off a purchase when we were there a couple of weeks ago and it was going to expire in a couple of weeks. We wanted to use it before that happened. The coffee and biscuit supplies were bulked up a bit as a result!

On the way home, I suggested we walk part of the way by the river. This is my favorite place in town, aside from our flat. I love walking by the river--it's so peaceful and it makes me happy and content to be there. We only walked a little way today, because while it was nice and cool in the flat and even on the deck, once we got downstairs, it was hot and stuffy. All the more reason to look for some evidence that autumn is coming--and I found what I was hoping to find.

Leaves are starting to turn and the plants and flowers are starting to fade.

The blackberries are starting to get some color.
The leaves can be quite striking.

As we were climbing the few stone steps to Bower's Walk, which takes us to Main St, we spotted a bit of yellow in the grass at the base of the stone wall. Bill went to see what it was and discovered a child's fleece shirt. It was wet, but not mildewed and there was no smell, so I kept it and carried it home.
I just did laundry this morning, but I hung the shirt on the line when I got home. It can dry and air out--and if it rains tonight, as they say it might, it can get rinsed off. I can wash it in the next load and use the fabric for something.

As we came out of the gate at Main St, I spotted this on the wall:
I have an idea for turning this into a small hanging art piece. I put it with the other found objects I plan to use in various ways.
At least the long-suffering Tidy Towns folks will have a little less litter to pick up!

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