12 November 2014

Another installment of: Life in a Small Irish Town. I had to sign a document in front of a notary public, so we could send it back with some other related papers, to the US. Bill had looked for some info last week and found a guy--law office/notary. I remembered seeing his sign on Glebe St--the office is upstairs from an artist's studio and we frequently stop to look at the paintings in the window. Anyway, turns out the main office is in Claremorris and he is only in Ballinrobe on Tuesdays between 2:30 and 5:30, so off we went this afternoon. We had just left our apartment and crossed the street when a woman pulled up to us and started talking. I had no idea who on earth she was and I thought maybe she was going to ask for directions or something. Nope. She said someone had tried and failed to deliver a hard parcel this morning, so they'd left it at the flower shop for us to pick up there. She was just going there, so we could get it if we wanted. She drove on and we turned around. Even though I had no clue who she was, she obviously knew who we are.
We got to the law office and did what was required--"this is standard procedure, you understand." Scan the passport, fill out a form that he gave me, wait for him to go through the checklist, sign his form, and then sign my form in front of him and wait for him to add his seal. Not so fast! The seal is not in Ballinrobe. It is in the main office in Claremorris. Our options were explained to us--he would bring the form there and affix the seal. We could then choose to collect it in Claremorris, have him post it to Ballinrobe, or wait until next Tuesday and pick it up at the local office. We opted for the post. Then, just to make very, very sure that we understood, he repeated the whole thing at least 3 times more. He was talking so fast the entire time, and repeating things over and over. I felt my eyes widen and I just kept nodding. Bill was trying to pay him and the guy started going through options again, including paying him then, "if that's alright!"  Bill was already holding out the 50 euros when he told the guy, "Yeah sure." The guy wrote out a receipt, repeated once more that he would be in Ballinrobe every Tuesday between 2:30 and 5:30, (although the seal is in Claremorris), thanked us for coming, and gave us a card in case we ever need any more documents notarized. "The procedure, " he said, "would be the same."

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