25 November 2014

Christmasy Windows!

Ballinrobe is dressing up for Christmas!

The first window displays we saw were in the home store down the street.
Curious about what kinds of Christmas decorations are popular here, we went in to take a look around. Turns out that most of what I see is different from what I used to see in the US. Lighted things are very popular--especially twigs and different kinds of trees.

The tree with yellow leaves has LED lights in the leaves, as does the round one next to it.

The store has a pretty big selection of these cherry blossom trees in various colours (white, pink, purple, blue) as well as the multi-coloured ones. They also have them in tabletop versions. They even had a really nice metal wall sculpture of a branch with cherry blossoms on it--it was quite lovely, though it didn't seem like a Christmas decoration to me, even though it was hanging with the rest.

Lots of windows around town are being gussied up.

This is the flower shop downstairs and around the corner from us. They also sell wooden toys and if you look in the right hand section of the window, you can see a little toy kitchen made of wood--complete with microwave and washing machine. It's a really cute and well done display.

The florist on Main St doesn't do the toys, so they had a more basic display of poinsettias and little trees--steamy in there!

This is a funky little store on Main called First Impressions. It is a small, narrow little space crammed full of a bunch of different kinds of things--not sure how on earth she fit the Christmas stuff in there.  You can buy gloves, underwear, kitchenware, giftware, school supplies, rugs, cleaning products and more besides. I found erasers and glue sticks there one day and a few weeks ago we were searching in vain for tea balls, so we went in there hoping to find a strainer (sieve, they're called here) to use to make tea from dried mint leaves. We actually found two tea balls--exactly what we were looking for! We bought them both. Anyway, this is a nice display--makes you smile!

There are a couple of shoe stores on Main St. Both went with the theme of snow. Vaughan's has the igloo and Tierney's has the hanging snowflakes.

We saw this last week and their display has been changed since then:
We got a smaller version of the little snow person. I'm going to make a hat and scarf for her  :-)

This was from a residence that we passed on our way home today:
It gets a bit more festive every day around here!


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