14 November 2014

Late Autumn in Beautiful Ballinrobe

It was a beautiful morning for a walk--crisp air, a bit of a wind, cool temperatures, an interesting and ever-changing sky, and a lovely landscape! With the leaves mostly off the trees, there's more to look at--amazing what's been hidden from view for these many months.

This tree is down the street:
The ivy is crazy here and it just climbs up and around a lot of the trees. It's not so noticeable in the summer when the leaves are on the trees, but it's really visible now! A lot of the tree trunks are encased in green!

I am quite drawn to bare trees and there are a lot of interesting shapes here now:

This looked like it was about 12 or 13 inches from the bottom of the stem to the top of the center leaf:

Nice view across the field--we've seen cows here sometimes, but not today:

A few leaves hanging on:

We found some cows:

Note the standing water. It's rained a lot here over the last couple of days and the ground is saturated. Other parts of the country are having problems with flooding. We met a lot of people who were out and about this morning and many happy dogs. I think they were all happy to get outside. At one point, we passed the guy who goes around checking to make sure people have their "pay and display" ticket on their dashboards. He was standing there surveying his territory when we passed and I said "Good morning" to him. He replied with, "Mornin' Not a bad one!"  Later I overheard one woman greet another with, " How are ye? Are you feelin' the cold?" I am getting used to the many ways people have of greeting people with remarks about the weather :-)

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