28 November 2014

'Tis the Season...

More Christmas windows popping up on Ballinrobe's Main St! Bill was saying it reminds him of when he was a kid and his grandmother used to take him into Boston. I grew up in suburbia--I remember malls, not Main Streets (and I much prefer Main Streets!). I am so enjoying walking around and seeing these fun and festive windows--brings a smile to my face!

I'm afraid I do not remember which businesses these first two windows are a part of, but I like the big guy and the teddy bear!

The blue decorations are in the window of a hair salon.

The snowman is in the window a a business that does clothing alterations.

This is the gift shop on the corner of Main and Glebe. They have really done a lot with their window over the last couple of weeks! This is, I think, the third holiday window they've had up and I think it's the best one!
Here is the left side of the window: Love the Santa and the simple tree with buttons!
This is one of Walkin's windows:
It's really well done. I love that silver tree branch. We are keeping our eyes open on our walks for a fallen branch that we can bring home, stick in a jar, and decorate. This is a slightly different angle:

This is from their other window. I love the little "NOEL" decoration!

This is from Murphy's clothing store on Main St--the ornaments look like they are made of felt--very cute!

These are from Biggin's clothing store, which is not on Main St, but on Church Lane:
She's all dressed up for the party in her sequins, but she'd better hope the sparkles don't attract the polar bear :-)

Wherever you are, I hope that you will consider supporting small, local businesses like these whenever possible--at Christmastime, yes, but throughout the year, too.

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