07 November 2014

What a Difference a Month Makes!

Bill's ankle has been bothering him to a greater or lesser degree for the past month or so, which means we haven't been out walking as much. When we did start venturing out, we found that the sheep down the street were nowhere to be found and there were cows in a field where they had not been before. The blackberries are mostly gone, although we saw a few latecomers today.

We walked down to the river today and walked part of the Bower's Walk. The last time we were there, the river was still quite low and not moving very fast. A rainy month later and things were quite different.
A little further on, the light was catching the leaves of the chestnut trees and they hovered over the water.

A month ago, the falls were almost dry:
Not anymore!
On our way back, I saw these funky things--I like them!
It was lovely to take a walk by the river again. Other than our apartment, it's my favorite spot in town!


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