26 December 2014

St Sephen's Day Walk in Cong

Today is a national holiday in Ireland--St Stephen's Day. While in some other areas of the country people are engaging in a post-Christmas shopping frenzy, in these parts things are quiet. I guess it's traditional for a community walk to be held on this day each year in Cong, a small town a few miles south of us. This year the walk was a guided one and was a benefit for the new community centre.

It was chilly and raining a bit, but there was a good turnout nonetheless. Of course, I was thrilled--it was my kind of day! By the time we were nearing the end of the walk, I was roasting though. It is sometimes hard to know how to dress here, but I am glad I decided against the wool sweater I was considering!

There were a few times that I thought we'd lost Bill as he lagged behind taking photos, which can be found here:

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