03 January 2015

Day, Month, Year

On Christmas Day, Bill told me that there was one more thing on the way, but it hadn't arrived yet. Yesterday, it did. He got me a secondhand, simple, small camera! Guess he got tired of me waving him over on our walks and giving him instructions for a photo that I envisioned--LOL. So if you notice that some of the photos on this blog are not up to the previous standards, it will probably be because I took them instead of Bill. I have no idea what I am doing, but I will have fun being creative and I already have ideas for art projects.

This calendar has been up for a few days. We picked it up at the library last month. It was only this morning that I noticed what was odd about it!

I shall have to remember the order of the days when I look at that one!

I am also careful about dates here. Today is 3/1/15, not 1/3/15. I have taken to writing or saying the month when I need to--Jan 3, 2015. I think many or even most people here would write 3 Jan 2015, but at least there's no misunderstanding there there, either way it's written!


  1. I don't know why US calendars insist on splitting the weekend. I remember as a small child asking my mom about it.

    Calendars, metrics... come on US! Join the rest of the world!! You can do it!! :)

    1. Oh I can just imagine the outcry if such a thing was attempted :-) It would be pretty amusing to watch, though.

      I consider it a part of cross-cultural communication and remain grateful to Google, who does all those nice conversions for me! I still have to do a lot of searching for some things, but I am getting used to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit and I do the rough calculation in my head at the grocery store from g/kg to pounds and fractions of pounds!

    2. The fact that the calendar has been hanging there for several days, and today was the first day I noticed that weeks start on Monday shows me how much I do not pay attention sometimes :-)

  2. Oh yes, this can be so confusing!
    I am used to Mondays being the first day of the week on calendars now. I also have learned to write 4 January 2014, to avoid any confusion. ;-) And there's the spelling, which I admit is quote the drama at times (Austrians use British spelling).
    Happy New Year from Vienna,

    1. Oh yes, the spelling!--and the language usage! That is fun for me--I love that kind of thing and still get excited and amused when I hear a new turn of phrase! Amazing how the same language can be used in such different ways! We were in Norway years ago and a Norwegian woman who taught (British) English was telling a story that involved a guy knocking on the door. She said, "Then he knocked me up." We laughed before we could stop ourselves--I don't think she was very amused! We are learning Irish place names by listening to the news on the radio--some of these spelling combinations are not intuitive!

      A very happy 2015 to you, too :-)