22 January 2015

Eircom Raids the Bank Account!

In case anyone has missed my previous posts about Eircom, here's a recap: AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

We have had nothing but trouble with them from the start. We have been ripped off and it would have been worse, except that Bill has carefully monitored every bill we have gotten. Not one month has gone by without him having to call or chat in order to straighten out some crap that they have tried to pull. Chat provides a transcript, so he's been doing that, in case we need evidence. The last three months have been a doozy of a rip-off, because they went into our bank account and removed 150 euro.

This amount appeared on the bill as a "deposit." Bill contacted them to find out what it was about. The guy said that it would just sit there and after 3 successful direct debits, it would come off the bill. On the bills we would see the 150 plus the regular monthly fee, but they would only withdraw the monthly fee. The first time, this is exactly what they did. The next time, they took out the fee and the 150 euro. Bill chatted. "That will be returned to the bank account within 10 working days," he was told. Needless to say, 10 working days came and they went and there was no sign of our 150 euro.

Another bill showed up. Bill chatted again. This time there was a pause while Eircom dude went to investigate. He returned to his keyboard and informed Bill that he would have to open "a case." Bill would be given a case number and would receive a check in the mail within 15 working days. You will not be surprised to learn that 15 working days passed without any sign of a check.

Meanwhile, the new bill came. It sat there. Last week, Bill chatted again. He provided the case number and wondered where our 150 euro might be and what was going on with the current outstanding bill. This time he was told that there is a refund credit pending, so they will take the outstanding balance out of that. Everything would show up on the next bill, she said--the 150 euro credit and the fact that the December balance as well as the January one had come out of that credit.

Guess what!? We just got the January bill, which states that we are in arrears. There is no sign of the credit. So now we have to worry that they will extract even more money from our account.

This is the most toxic company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They are dishonest. They lie. They rip you off. Steer clear.

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