23 January 2015

The Latest Chat with "Eircon"

Bill chatted again this morning with a rep from Eircom (they should be called "Eircon," but that would give the game away, I guess) regarding the unauthorized withdrawal from our bank account as I described in yesterday's post. I guess it will not be a surprise to anyone to learn that he got still another story about when and how we can expect the return of this money. This time the story is that they will take the December and January bills out of our bank account and the 150 euro credit will be applied beginning NEXT month. It is interesting how it always ends up being NEXT month, which never quite seems to arrive. This story makes no sense whatsoever, since if they were planning to direct debit the regular monthly fees, why did they not do so in December? Bill asked why the story this month was different yet again and the woman had no idea how to answer. He asked for contact information for someone with more authority and was directed to the same old number that he has had to use before--they are no better than chat. In fact they are worse, because we have no record of the phone conversations as we do with chat. He asked how much it would cost if we terminated our contract early (it runs until mid May) and was told it'd be 186 euro, so he asked her to itemize that for him. Turns out that, in spite of being told that we would keep the modem, we would have to pay 41 euro for that--or so she said. Since you never can believe anything they tell you, who knows?

I decided we needed some help here, so I contacted the Consumer Protection Commission. Hopefully they can give us some advice on what our rights are and how best to proceed with this. We both want to be done with this and we both want Eircon out of our lives. We are not the only ones to have this particular problem with them and I am sure we will not be the last. Other people have other problems and we have had many since this all started. They already got 50 euro from us by charging us for a phone line that we did not want, but they said we must have--only later did we find out that it was not even live. Bill was told at the very beginning that there would be no set-up fee and there were two of them--one for the non-live phone line and one for the broadband. We were told the modem was in the mail and when it didn't arrive, Bill called and the guy found the work order had not been forwarded or processed. The bill sailed through, though, because we got that before we got the modem. They've charged us fees because of their own mistakes and Bill has had to contact them and get those credited. Now they have effectively stolen 150 euro from us and promise to return it "next month." It's really the last straw. In my query to the consumer people, I mentioned that we've had a whole series of issues with them, but focused on this particular one. They are supposed to get back to me within 3 days. I have no way of knowing whether they will or whether this is yet another waste of time, but I guess I will find out.

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