24 February 2015

The Winner is Story #4--Mostly!

We think that today might have been the day in which the latest sorry chapter in the Eircon saga ended. To briefly recap, a 150 euro charge appeared on the bill out of the blue almost halfway through our contract. Bill called to see what it was about and was told that it was not going to be removed from the bank account, but would sit there until 3 successful direct debit payments had been made. So our bill would show that we owed 185 euro, but only the 35 euro monthly fee would come out of our account. The next month, this is what happened. No problem. The following month, the entire amount was removed and Bill had his monthly chat with a "customer service" rep, who told him that the 150 would be put back within 10 working days. When those days came and went, he called again. A case was opened. he was given a case number. He was assured that a check would come by post within 15 working days. By the time these 15 days had passed us by, it was the week after Christmas, so we waited until the holidays were over and we were into January before Bill called again to hear story #4, which was that there was a credit pending on the account. This would show up on the next bill, which would also show that they were taking our monthly fee out of the credit. The next bill came a week and a half later, with no credit appearing, so he called again and was told that they would be taking the charges from our bank account and the credit, which was still pending, would appear on the NEXT bill and eventually our monthly charges would come out of that. So we had 5 stories, 3 of which had already proven false. There was little we could do except watch the bank account and wait for this next bill. During that whole process, our monthly charge has gone up to 50 euro from the 35 we paid for the first 6 months of our contract (we knew this would happen) so we waited to see about December, January, and February. This morning, Bill checked the Eircon site and saw that our balance is now -0.03 cents. The bank account has not been touched, so it appears that the woman who gave us story number 4 was mostly correct. It never did show up on the bill, but they did what she said they would do. Hopefully that's an end to this hassle now, and there will be no more surprises forthcoming!

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