23 December 2015

season greetings from Killybegs

The last few weeks Killybegs underwent a holiday makeover.  On December 5th the big event scheduled was the arrival of Santa and the lighting of the Christmas Tree.  Unfortunately the festivities had to be cancelled due to the arrival of Storm Desmond, an extratropical cyclone, and rescheduled for the next night.
Shari and I walked down to the center of town to join the other people gathered to wait for the beginning of the event.  After about 1/2 hour we could hear music and drums from the distance playing some holiday tunes.  St. Catherine's School band led the parade in to the town center.  Some were playing their music with their accordions while others pounded to the beat of their drums.  After the music was finished, Santa made his entrance to the clapping of the crowd.  He walked around and bent down to the children's level where he gave out candy and took a lot of selfies.  Everyone was enjoying seeing the scene unravel.  The small kids were ecstatic.  Finally the moment everyone was waiting for happened.  The Christmas Tree's lights came on.  It was a fun time being there.  The interaction with the children and the people with Santa was really nice.  A nice family evening full of joy and happiness.

Below are some photos of the decorations seen around town.  Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday season!!

The next four photos below are from Donegal Town

Shari does love her yarn

Killybegs Community Hospital